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Custom Ex Solutions- If you can't find it, maybe we can make it!

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Global Supply Areas for Ex Solutions

Our company has several decades of experience in  providing Ex-solutions for the oil and gas industry, refining, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, shipping industries, and specialty gas companies all over the world. With the changes moving towards green energy and the possibility of an interesting future in the hydrogen economy, we believe that unique Ex designed and manufactured products will only grow in popularity. If there is something that you cannot find here (other than equipment for grounding vehicles at refuelling depots in tank farms and oil and gas storage facilities, then do not hesitate to ask us if we have supplied unique equipment in the past. Indeed, our company is actually heavily involved in the design of unique products for ATEX Zone 1 and 0. Just take for instance our unique Zone 0 camera which is now being adopted in several tank cleaning and tank inspection scenarios where the inspections are either done manually or through robot systems.

If in doubt about an Ex application where no product yet exists, then get in touch with us to see how we can work together on an ATEX solution. Here are some of the countries we work with but we have dealings with most oil and gas areas such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Iraq and Australia.