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Apart from ensuring road tankers are earthed correctly thereby free from static electricity build up during flammable liquid loading and unloading operations there are many other applications where the efficacy of the electrostatic grounding is imperative. e.g. C FIB-C bags and fuel storage and transportation tanks that require filling and or unloading operations.

Tank Truck Loading/Unloading

Rail Car Loading unloading
Oil drums earthing
Earthing of containers
Propane Storage
C FIB-C bag Earthing

Road Tanker & Rail Truck Loading/Unloading - How can static charge accumulate and be prevented during loading and unloading operations?

Static charges accumulate during loading or unloading of liquids and other flammable materials. Typically tank trucks and storage vessels where we see a significant increase in electrostatic voltages as a result of the movement and agitation of the liquid, which can create potentials as high as 30,000 volts due to the tanks large surface area.

Whilst working in hazardous area environments it is important that the tank surfaces do not have the opportunity to create static electricity to such a high concentration this is remediated by installing certified grounding systems which will dissipate harmful static charges to the Ground/Earth. Preventing catastrophic ignitions and potentially death and or injury of the operators.

Installation of the ELOK 4 anti-static systems will ensure a safer environment always ensuring that erroneous static electricity generated during the loading/unloading and transportation processes will be safely dissipated. Once the systems are installed, they will automatically verify that the EGT system is connected to the tank truck chassis and a proper ground. Thereafter the red indicator light extinguishes and the green illuminates and pumping is allowed to start. 

The ELOK 4 Static monitoring system incorporates an interlock with the main suction pump(s), should the earthing become disconnected, Loading/ Unloading  operations will cease immediately, the pump will only restart on re-establishment of a proper ground connection.

ELOK 4 EGT continuously monitors its operation during the whole loading/unloading process . This means that if anything unsafe occurs the red indicator light will illuminate until the problem is rectified.

Oil Drum & Containers Earthing

Grounding of oil drums and containers can simply be under taken with the use of the ELOK 4 EGT whereby a number of drums/containers can be linked via a collective earth to provide anti-static monitoring during periods of storage.

Gas Storage

Gas storage/transportation tanks and cylinders typically propane, methane, butane, hydrogen are also prone to the build up of dangerous static electricity levels and can also utilize the ELOK 4 EGT system.

C FIB-C Bag Grounding

Type C (groundable) bulk bags are potential explosion risks by comparison to type A and B (insulating) bags. It is possible to utilize the ELOK 4 EGT system with common earths to monitor static levels and provide a safe filling process.

Earthing Equipment for FIBC’s ensure grounding takes place.

The Elok Earthing system is not limited to traditional vehicle loading and unloading of hazardous materials but can also be implement as a safety device to ground a bag before filling or emptying operations are started.

We have applications where chemical plants handling potentially explosive or hazardous powders have installed the EGT4 as an added insurance against the possibilities of static creating a spark which could ignite the flammable materials in the bags.

While bag filling and emptying the EGT4 system monitors the the bags to ensure there is no static electricity build up.

When a potential issue is identified, the manufacturing process can be stopped.

FIBC stands for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container.

FIBC Bags are more commonly referes to as Bulk Bags.

Earthing System preventing static

Connect clamps to FIBC

Clamps to Earth

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